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Business Advisory

Goldstein Franklin offers an impressive array of consulting and advisory services from litigation support to evaluating potential business opportunities and assisting with complex business transactions. Our experts routinely manage critical business situations and work closely with attorneys, bankers and other professionals to solve complex problems, reduce risk and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.


Our Business Advisory services include:

  • ·         Acquisition Advisory
  • ·         Bankruptcy
  • ·         Business Valuation
  • ·         Debt and Equity Financing
  • ·         Entry and Exit Planning
  • ·         Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • ·         Expatriate Taxation
  • ·         Forensic Investigations
  • ·         International Tax
  • ·         Litigation Support
  • ·         Succession Planning
  • ·         Tax Incentive Programs
  • ·         Tax Planning
  • ·         Tax Structuring

Transaction Advisory Services:

With over 10 years of experience in the mergers and acquisitions arena, our team of professionals is both knowledgeable and proactive. From due diligence and tax structuring to post-transaction integration, Goldstein Franklin has the technical expertise to sort through and organize the accounting details you need to know. As advisors, we take the time to help you understand and evaluate your options.

  • ·         Due Diligence for Lenders
  • ·         Due Diligence for Buyers
  • ·         Inbound U.S. Acquisitions
  • ·         Private Equity Services
  • ·         Preparing for a Liquidity Transaction
  • ·         Valuations

At Goldstein Franklin, we believe that understanding the critical aspects of each client’s markets and industry, along with their business and personal goals, is the key to excellence. To that end, our partners and staff work together in practice groups, not departments. This results in an informed team approach that combines our vast accounting, auditing, tax and consulting experience.

Commercial Business:  Our Commercial Business group works with privately-held, family-owned companies and entrepreneurs. As their advisor, we partner with them through the various stages of their business’ lifecycle. Our depth of industry knowledge extends to a wide range of industries including:

  • ·         Architectural and Engineering Firms
  • ·         Law Firms
  • ·         Nonprofit Organizations
  • ·         Professional Services
  • ·         Manufacturing
  • ·         Life Sciences
  • ·         Technology
  • ·         Wholesale/Distribution
  • ·         Retail
  • ·         Construction
  • ·         Entertainment Professionals
  • ·         Hospitality

Private Clients Group:  Our Private Clients Group specializes in sophisticated tax issues related to wealth, business ownership, foreign interests, and more.  With significant expertise and knowledge in defined areas, Goldstein Franklin provides premium tax planning, compliance and consulting services. We then tailor them to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual client.

Real Estate:  Our Real Estate group provides a wide range of financial reporting, income tax and consulting services to two distinct types of real estate clientele:

Real estate entities - developers, managers, brokers, owners and operators.

Real estate investors - real estate investment funds, including those with institutional investors such as insurance companies, international investment companies and state pension funds.

We advise on the tax consequences of transactions for developers and investors. We also analyze partnership and limited liability company operating agreements.  Goldstein Franklin  represents some of the top real estate organizations and entrepreneurs in the region. We have assembled a talented team of seasoned practitioners, many with over 30 years experience in the real estate industry.

Our real estate services include:

  • ·         Audit, review and compilation of financial statements
  • ·         Preparation of annual income and excise tax returns
  • ·         Reporting and calculation of Section 754 basis adjustments
  • ·         Tax planning related to organizational and ownership structure
  • ·         Cash flow forecasting
  • ·         Evaluation of property profitability and cash flow
  • ·         Construction and project management services
  • ·         Purchase and sale advisory services
  • ·         Assistance with debt financing matters
  • ·         Internal control review and evaluation services
  • ·         Transactional consulting services
  • ·         Cost segregation studies


Private Equity opportunities through our affiliates Igwealth Franklin, Inc.


Private Equity services is offered through American Renaissance Capital, Inc., a community-based Private Equity Firm currently operating a consulting and advisory services business with plans to acquire  small to medium size businesses in a variety of different industries. Through its structure, the company plan to offer investors an opportunity to participate in the ownership and growth of a portfolio of businesses that traditionally have been owned and managed by private equity firms, private individuals or families, financial institutions or large conglomerates.  The company believe that its management and acquisition strategies will allow it to achieve the goals of creating sustainable earnings growth for shareholders and increasing shareholder value over time through investments in assets, projects and businesses build healthy communities where every-day Americans live and work.

The Company was formed in the State of California as a for-profit limited liability company on February 15, 2012 and established a fiscal year end of December 31. On March 1, 2012, the incorporator adopted our bylaws and appointed its President and CEO. The company was formed to be a community-centered company focused on owning and holding properties, assets, and investments in private and public businesses through  (1) acquiring, rehabilitating and reutilizing dilapidated or abandoned properties; (2) acquiring and restructuring troubled businesses; (3) socially conscious venture capital activities; (4) opportunistic private equity activities; (5) job-creating and community-empowering investments; and (6) general business-process-improvement through partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, (re)capitalizations and investments.  

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our specialized M&A group provides advisory services to clients with regards to the sale or purchase of a business and also have access to buyer and seller recourses through multiple data base. Since 2012, our M&A group has assisted middle and emerging market business owners realize a superior value for their businesses. the Companyhelps clients increase the value of their businesses through carefully executed acquisition-growth and business brokerage programs. We also work with other private equity firms that desire to acquire middle or/and emerging market companies.

Functions & Responsibilities

We approach every assignment with the resources and intense concentration necessary to complete successfully the assignment on the best terms for our clients. A knowledgeable professional with many years of experience and wisdom will partner with you to realize your goals. We deliver unparalleled financial advisory services in the following areas.

Sell-Side Services

• Assist in preparing client business due diligence reviews and sales memorandum for use in promoting the sale of client businesses
• Provide leadership on specific businesses for sale, including generating a list of potential buyers (from the company’s database and other sources),
marketing the businesses to those buyers.
• Managing the sales process to a successful conclusion.
• Maintain regular contact with clients on the status of their listings with the company
• Advise clients on unsolicited offers.

Buy-Side Services

• Provide corporate development functions for clients: strategic planning, managing acquisitions, divestitures, and market intelligence.
• Advise and consult on opportunistic acquisitions.
• Conduct acquisition searches.
• Structure and orchestrate management buyouts.


Qualifications – part of what made our team unique in the area of Mergers and Acquisitions includes:

• Core values of trust & integrity
• Previous business experience with respect management and operations
• Accounting, banking, business development and financial services background desirable
• Sales experience with a passion to close sales
• High level of initiative self starter
• Confident & capable in communicating with senior management personnel

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our Private Equity and CFO/Controller Services and provide the answers here.

A. What is a Private Equity Firm?

To understand what a private equity firm is, it is important to understand what the different parts of the term mean. Equity is the value of an asset less any associated liability. Private equity is the equity in an asset that isn't freely tradeable on the public stock market. A private equity firm, then, is the controlling partner in a collection of partnerships that have come together to pool their capital and invest in a particular opportunity.

B. What is the Business Strategy of Private Equity Firms?

While private equity firms may focus on a variety of investment strategies, including drumming up venture capital, they often buy undervalued or underappreciated companies, improve them, and then sell them for a profit, sort of like house flipping but in a commercial setting. After buying a company, a private equity firm will remove it from the stock market. This allows the firm to make tough or controversial decisions without having to answer to or release sensitive information to shareholders or the public generally. By making the company private, the private equity firm is basically only accountable to its smaller group of investors.

C. How are Companies Turned Around?

In order to turn the company around, a private equity firm will often replace or control the management team of the company. It isn't unusual, however, for the equity firm to keep existing employees of an existing company. While the equity firm is controlling the company, it's goal is usually to determine how it can improve the company's performance or projected future performance so that potential investors will buy the company at a profit.

D. How is Private Equity Firms Funded?

Private equity funding can come from a variety of sources. Most often, the funds come from pension funds, financial institutions, or individual investors with a substantial net worth. By being able to pool such large amounts of investment capital, the private equity firm expands its reach to, and power over, potential investment opportunities.

E. What is the Exit Strategy?

Once the work of improving the company has been done and its value increased, sometimes in as little as three years, the private equity firm takes the company public again. If it all works out, the firm sells the company for a nice profit for all original investors. The private equity firm itself, also called the general partner of the partnership of investors, also often draws additional fees, including management and performance fees, for the legwork involved in the endeavor, including advertising, accounting, and the like.

F. How does CFO/Controller Services work?

CFO/Controller Services helps small business owners get their financial house in order by providing customized, hands-on CFO/Controller, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services.

By using our services, small and medium business owners are able to utilize the expertise of a full-service accounting department when they need it – on a project, part-time, or interim basis, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time financial, accounting and bookkeeping staff. CFO/Controller Services bridges the gap between small businesses and their more established counterparts. Thus, Small businesses are afforded the same level of financial and accounting services that larger companies have.

"Over half of small businesses fail because they lack financial and management expertise. More often than not, this is because companies wait until it’s too late before bringing in a financial professional..."

                                                                                                                                                                                             Goldstein Franklin, Inc. BBB® Accredited Business Seal