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Welcome to our nonprofit consulting section. We provide review, editing, writing, and consulting services that have the potential to greatly improve your grant applications.  We also provide general consulting for most aspects of your business start-up and capitalization.

As a NONPROFIT consultant, we have helped clients obtain approximately $78 million in funding over the last three years. We help about 30% of the organizations that solicit our services.  Although there are many organizations with impressive ideas and plans, not all are ideas capable of receiving grant funding.  For those organizations with impressive ideas, but not quite the right fit for grant funding, we suggest alternative routes for funding.  We offer one free consultation to vet your grant ideas.

Many grant applications are highly competitive, with only about 15% of submitted applications being funded.  While you probably know that the competition for grant funding is fierce, many people do not know application composition (writing) is key to achieving a high score.

Application composition is the #1 factor in obtaining grant funding because grant application writing is not an art; it is a learned skill.  Many people who are directly involved in the review process note that the best proposal, research, science, and the best potential products are often not being recognized because most fail to communicate the idea in an effective manner. Most grant application can receive better scoring with the help of an experienced consultant. Simply utilizing a knowledgeable consultant can be the difference between funding, resubmission or being forced to abandon a fundable proposal/project.  You now have the opportunity to improve your grant application scores by using an efficient method that utilizes current and extensive insider expertise to give you a decided advantage in the grant application process.

Call 310-895-1839 or email us through this website if you have any questions.

Our organization does not share information, so rest assured your information will not be sold or distributed for any purpose.

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